I Do Haiku You #14: Perspectives From the Heart

Sean Lotman is interested in the narrative potential of photography. In an ongoing project called I Do Haiku You, he composes haiku and senryu poetry to companion images taken with a Diana F+.

Gion is a quite famous district in Kyoto for spotting geisha. It’s a lovely neighborhood with many quiet lanes and forbiddingly expensive entertainment houses. A geisha sighting is not guaranteed. Timing is everything. This was a very famous geisha I saw getting into a taxi and I kind of papparazzi’d her. It was shot with a Diana f+.

Perspectives From the Heart
her heartbreaking laugh:
when i said our love story
was on the first page

In Sean’s own words, “These varieties of Japanese verse are concerned with physical and human nature, composed in a taut structure as to suggest a moment, much in the way a photograph does. Haiku poetry, like photography, has an instant, strong, fairly emotional resonance. Put together these two art forms enhance each others power so that, very briefly, a story is told.

Photo and words by Sean Lotman. Originally from Los Angeles, California, Sean now lives in Kyoto, Japan. Read more I Do Haiku You series here.

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