The Long Commute to Work

On a “good” day, it will only take me 45 minutes to get to work; on a regular day, 1 hour; and during the worst of the worst, 2 hours.0_0 Fortunately, when I took these photos it was a “regular commute day” and I was able to get to work just in time for lunchbreak. Hehe…

Finally, no Instax photos here! Haha…although I still used CamScan to upload my photos…Anyway! These were taken during a regular commute to work. When I feel like it, I take a cab but to save money, I often just take the jeep, which is one of the most common modes of transportation in Manila. It’s not the best, not the cleanest nor the most efficient but it’s a way of life that’s been around for years – it’s hard to imagine life here without jeeps although some motorists insist that traffic would be so much better without these.

For just a quarter of a US dollar, I could easily get myself to work by riding a jeep to South Pier/Port Area. On some days, traffic would be horrendous but normally – especially when it’s still early or it’s not rush hour, it’s actually quite fast and I could get to Port Area close to an hour.

So what’s there to see? A lot, although I can’t say that everything would be pretty – especially for tourists! Hehe…also, do be careful with your belongings when taking this route just to be safe. I’ve already made a habit of bringing an el-cheapo cellphone and mp3 player so as not to attract unwanted attention from you-know-who.

The hustle and bustle in Quiapo

Going to South Pier, you can expect to see a lot of downtown Manila especially if you’re planning to take the Sta. Cruz route. There are places where you’ll find seedy night clubs, you’ll also pass by the famous Chinatown, as well as some cultural landmarks and churches – so it’s a good mix of various sights and sounds to give you a feel of what it’s really like to live in Manila.

My favorite part of my daily commute, rather, my favorite location, I guess is Intramuros (or the walled city). There has been a lot of Locations articles written about it already so I wouldn’t elaborate on it anymore but if you’re a tourist, it’s a must-see. It’s still as frenetic and busy as the rest of Manila but the restorations give you a good feel of a part of Philippine culture (i.e when it was still a Spanish colony). Of course, it also makes for great lomographs.

Anda Circle

Photos taken with my Vivitar PN2011 :) Scanned through CamScan (still ;( )

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