So Happy in Seoul (Instax Wide Edition)

One of the highlights of my year was my solo Seoul sojourn last September. It served as a late birthday present for myself, and is actually something that I’ve always wanted to do – given the time (and money). Here are snippets of my trip to Seoul as told through photographs taken by my Instax Wide.

To say that I love Seoul is an understatement. I’m absolutely enamored by this city and I can’t help but feel excitement each time I get to schedule a trip.

Anyway, to cut that cornball intro…

I was finally able to schedule a longer Seoul vacation. Admittedly, a much-needed one because I’ve been stressed to my eyeballs at that time and was feeling down in the dumps, to top it all off, it was around my 27th birthday (midlife crisis?) so I was really looking forward to this trip.

Given my limited budget, I stayed in a hostel (a few stations away from Myeongdong) which is actually pretty decent. The location was a-okay although not much excitement ever goes on in that area as it’s filled with hardware stores and elderly people. Hehe…nevertheless, I enjoyed my time there, it was peaceful but going up and down the steep staircase especially with heavy luggage was an absolute b***h. >_<

View from the cable car en route to Namsan Tower

I didn’t have a strict itinerary, it was MY vacation after all so I just did what I felt like doing. I did most of my exploring by simply walking around and taking the subway (thus explains the huge blisters that I ended up with by the time I had to go home). I loved taking the subway, it’s so efficient and cheaper than taking a cab of course!

The Teddybear Museum at Namsan Tower
SPAO store in Myeongdong
“Couple locks” aplenty at Namsan Tower

Some of my must-see locations were Lotteworld (hehe because I love amusement parks and cute things), Namsan Tower (which I had to walk quite a distance to get to that I thought I’d passed out on the way), The Teddybear Museum (hence, part of the reason why I just had to get to Namsan Tower), Myeongdong (because I can’t get enough of shopping here), Dongdaemun (just because I don’t have much to do at night and this has shopping malls that are open ‘til early in the morning), and Hongdae (because of more cute shops). In between, I’ve managed to visit some palaces, which were a wonderful surprise. Normally, I’d get bored but it was actually a great experience and it was well worth the trip.:) I also ended up buying random touristy souvenirs there like metal chopsticks haha…couldn’t resist it.

Late lunch at Lotteria…I don’t know why this turned out this way.>_<

At the end of each day, I’d retire at my hostel room, have some hot chocolate, tea or coffee while watching the Style channel. It’s in Korean obviously but I just like to watch Eugene.;p

Hopefully, I’d get to visit Seoul again soon!:D

.bq Speaking of Seoul, do continue to send in your Seoul City Guide locations articles! Remember, each published city guide location merits 15 fat piggies!:D

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