The Colours of Christmas: A Red and Green Australian Christmas

When you think of Christmas, what colours swirl through your mind? Is it the red of Grandma’s favorite red dress she always wears every Christmas? The white of the fluffy stuff everyone is dreaming of or it is the green of the packaging of your favourite alcoholic beverage?

The mind works in amazing ways. Some people (myself included) learn more or can remember certain times or important details by colours. I think of Christmas as being such a visual holiday, you go out to look at christmas lights, you like to put up your favourite christmas decorations to look at etc, the colours are a lot of the time what people associate with it. For example last week, a few days before Christmas I wore a green top that I wear year round but at this time of year I was commented on it being ‘festive’. Red and green are by far the most popular colours for this.

When I say that red and green are the most popular colours of this holiday, I mean that by where I have grown up, in Australia. We don’t dream of white Christmases here, we just hope that the rain stays away and we don’t get too sunburnt from being outside. On the other side of the globe though, they are hoping for snow and although it would be a freak of nature for this to ever happen here we tend to get a lot of the traditions and Christmas carols from over there so when I had my first Christmas with snow on the ground I could see just what all the carols were about and see the wonderful blue and white’s all around.

Another colour which springs to mind around this time of year is gold. The glow of the lights, the warm fire, the 5 golden rings.

What colours do you think of when you think of Christmas?

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