Caught Under the Mistletoe

Where is the best place to hang mistletoe at Christmas? Most people would say the front doorway. I say the doorway to the kitchen, because we all know what kind of workout that place gets at this time to year!

Last year was meant to be our first Christmas together but due to previous arrangements before we met, we weren’t together on the 25th so we made the best of a bad situation and had Christmas early! There was snow on the ground and the chicken (there was only the two of us so a turkey would have just gone to waste) in the oven. We opened presents and watched the Charlie Brown Christmas Special.

We all know how many times people walk into and out of the kitchen at this time of year, so when we were decorating at the beginning of December I decided to hang the mistletoe there above the doorway. It also seemed like a good idea, as during the Canadian winter, all you usually you want to do when you’re walking in the front door is strip off your cold and wet clothes.

I’m sure a lot of people can relate to being away from loved ones at Christmas and making the best of the situation they are in. This was another one of the years of doing exactly that for me and I’ll always remember it as being one of the best (early) Christmases I’ve had.

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