Saigon Tour

The beautiful city of Saigon where there’s tons of opportunities for lomographers all over the world. A city with friendly people that welcome everyone to their country.

Morning at Saigon

Saigon happens to be the city where I was born and grew up in. Being here for so long, I’ve watched how this city has changed over the years and know what it has to offer. It is the the largest and busiest city in Vietnam with over seven million people living here.

The Saigon Cathedral
Inside the Saigon Central Post Office

Though I’ve lived here for the past fifteen years, seeing so much motorcycles on the street every time I step outside is still not something I’m used to. Traffic here may seem like a lot to handle and all, but it’s also a chance for you to take amazing Bulb shots at night time.

Motorcycles outside a coffee shop
My friend, Thu and the Saigon Opera House
A vendor on the street

Exploring around the city, you’ll find moments where there’s a perfect combination of modern and urban lifestyle. Like on the day my friend, Thu, and I went to purchase our very first Lomography cameras (I got myself a La Sardina and she got a Diana F+). We were both amazed at how our city turned out to be like on film.

Xôi Gà

If you’re already in Saigon, it’s a must that you know the taste of the best Vietnamese urban dishes. There’s “xôi gà”, which is sticky rice with chicken combined with a delicious sauce. Out on the center of the city, there will also be “bánh tráng nướng”, a famous urban snack made out of rice paper, egg, and shrimp all grilled together. There will be many other remarkable dishes as you walk and explore the city, but there’s one dish that you can’t miss. It’s called “phở”, and it’s the most popular dish in the country. Made out of a uniquely tasty soup, noodles, beef, and many other ingredients, it sure gives you a pleasurable time.

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