72 Hours in Taipei

My first trip to Taiwan,Taipei, although bounded by a tight shooting schedule, I had a blast, and it was an eye-opening experience as I got to learn and understand the cultures and lifestyles of the Taiwanese people.

Hello Taiwan!

It was the shooting of a programme that brought my ass down to Taiwan. Because it was a really stressful and tightly scheduled shooting trip, we only had time for ourselves at night. Oh well, it wasn’t that bad because if there’s one thing I learned about Taiwan, it’s that the activities get better the later into the night.

Credits: yuanchin13

We traveled by MRT in Taiwan and the station exemplifies the hectic buzz of the people’s lifestyle there. Basically, it’s just fleets of people in and out, up and down, flowing through the elevators and platform. Nevertheless, everything is so much more systematic and organised in Taiwan – people actually QUEUE up when boarding the MRT. Where I come from – we push each other in and out!

Dinnertime by the roadside. Hawker stalls rock even in Taiwan!
Oysters as huge as your face, anyone?
Your typical roadside offerings of good local food. Not bad at all.
Credits: yuanchin13
Taipei never sleeps, and here we have motorists lighting up and buzzing the streets with their vehicles.
Credits: yuanchin13

Although our time in Taiwan was a ‘rush-hour’ experience (we were literally bounded by time), I still have an amazing trip to Taiwan and I really got to experience first-hand the lifestyle of the Taiwanese. One thing that strikes me the most was also the friendliness and the gracious hospitality offered by the Taiwanese. One thing is for sure, I’m planning another not-so-rush trip to Taiwan some time soon.

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