How I Got My Camera for 1€


Old film cameras are an advancer in flea markets due to the rise of Lomography and the current rediscovery of analogue. All of us want to find old treasures at bargain prices, but if demand increases, the most cunning sellers realize quickly and rise the prices.

Now we will see how, with a bit of patience and a tracking will, we can find interesting things that go unnoticed by most people. With these premises I went to the local market of Polop (Alicante). This is a very pictoresque place where we can find car parts, antiques, clothes, furniture, etc.

Cameras were my target. It is easy to find a well preserved SLR camera and also Super 8 cameras, but the prices tend to be regular to high. However, you have to look what common eyes can’t see at first sight, baskets and boxes full of stuff. Here it is where some old and not very appreciated plastic cameras can be found.

In my first visit to the flea market I got a mint condition Werlisa Club 35, which seemed to not be used at all, only for 1€:

The second time, something similar happened to me, finding a Werlisa Club Color (almost the same condition) for 4€ (I didn’t even bother to haggle, price is still a bargain).

These cameras work perfectly and are the right thing for Lomography, and that price is worth it to get one and try. And now below is a small selection of pictures taken with both cameras:

written by alexpa on 2011-12-31 #news #flea-market #plastic #cheap #lomo #werlisa
translated by angelgcuartero


  1. puly
    puly ·

    Great bargain! I got my LC-A for 30€ also in the market.. :)

  2. hairil
    hairil ·

    Photos turned out pretty good! You definitely got yourself a bargain, for sure!

  3. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    got a Werlisa Club Color too for 5€ lately, I'm very impressed by the photo n°2, witch of the 2 cameras have you used?

  4. twinklecat
    twinklecat ·


  5. ehmahh
    ehmahh ·

    i bought a lomo 135BC on ebay for £5 bargain!

  6. alexpa
    alexpa ·

    Thanks everyone for the support!
    superlighter: I made it last june at Barcelona's Sonar Festival, with the Werlisa Club 35.

  7. bpvarona
    bpvarona ·

    What a bargain! And the cameras produce wonderful shots. Good find! :)

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