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The Philippines has more than 7,100 islands and countless cities and Manila is just one of them. Our CitySlickers are here to explore them with their analogue ammunition and to document their adventures through their wistful words! Here is Paolo, one of Manila’s CitySlickers, and his introduction on her beloved city!

shot by Jean Ong.

Makati is one of busiest cities in the Philippines. People look at this city as crowded, hot, and traffic. Not all people see the beauty that this city has to offer. Let me guide you to the busy streets of Makati.

Name: Paolo Panganiban
City: Makati City
Age: 24
Occupation: IT Developer
LomoHome: paololzki

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Paolo. I work as a full time software developer in one of the biggest telecommunications companies here in the Philippines. I usually describe myself as a “Jack of All Trades, Master of None”. I started photography about a year and a half ago. I bought a camera so that I could take good pictures during our vacation abroad. After that trip, I decided to take photography seriously, and like the old saying goes.. “the rest was history.”

I picked up my first lomo around July of this year. I was able to borrow my friend Jean’s lomo cameras and was able to purchase my very own Sprocket Rocket by November. For Christmas, I decided to order my first Holga from Amazon. Hopefully I’d be able to get it before the year ends.

I’m a frustrated street photographer. I like shooting streets with a lomography camera because it’s more lightweight and people don’t really freak out that much when you point it at them. Most of the snaps that I take during my walks would include pedestrian lines, shadows, and night lights. I can’t wait for my Holga to arrive so that I’ll be able to shoot portraits in the streets as well.

pedestrian, shadows, nightlights

My office is in Makati. I live in the city next to it, but I’m almost in Makati everyday. This city basically has almost everything you need in your day to day activities. Malls, banks, hospitals, restaurants, parks, you name it, it’s probably in Makati.

This city has been my training ground on my early photography days. I use to spend hours and hours of my weekend just walking around and taking pictures, seeing how one street differs from another. Despite the traffic, the pollution, and the crowd of people specially during rush hours, I see this city a place full of wonderful things that everyone should see.

On your next visit in Makati, try to see past the negative and you will have a change of perspective.

Stay tuned for our Manila Cityslickers’ analogue adventures as they roam their cities with their film ammunition!

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  1. jeanong
    jeanong ·

    Nice article! It's always nice to see the good/positive side of things! Welcome to the world of analogue Pao! Looking forward to seeing your next photos :)

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