Create Your Own Christmas Ornaments

We already know that this is a year of crisis. But that should not stop us from celebrating Christmas! We can start by creating our own Christmas decorations and saving a little. You in?

The other day I went to my sister-in-law’s and I caught some precious ornaments that were hanging on the doors. I would have bought them in a gift shop, but to my surprise, she had made them herself! So I asked her how she had done it and wrote it down to share with you.


  • magazines, lomography prophecies posters, colored paper, or any kind of gift wrapping
  • scissors
  • cellophane
  • needle and thread (optional).

The first thing you have to do is decide the size of the ornaments. The ones I have done have the ideal size to hang on the Christmas tree, so will need pieces of paper about 9×9 cm. Once you have your square sheets of paper, fold it in half. Turn it, and then take the triangle and fold it in half again. Make three cuts on the side where two points meet. Unfold the paper and you’ll see that we are left with several quadrangular cuts. Now we have to join the points (gluing with heat), but alternating sides of the paper.

And there you go! You have beautiful Christmas decorations!. If you want to hang it from the tree, you just need to make a hole with a needle and thread a string through it.

But that’s not all. If we combine six ornaments together, we can get a beautiful poinsettia like the one below. Once you’ve made the ornaments, we take three and join the center with glue. On the other side, we take another three and also join the center. After they’re united, stick the petals throughout the sides. Voila! You already have your poinsettia. Go decorate!

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