Quickie Tipster: Fisheye Shots With the La Sardina


Do you love your La Sardina camera? Well, we all know it’s a cool and versatile camera but what about the lens? Would you like to take photos with another lens apart from the default lens? Well, with this quickie tipster you’ll learn how.

The only thing you will need is a peephole, you can find this at any of your local ironmongery. That’s all. Now we have to put it over the La Sardina lens. Just like this.

As an extra, you can buy two peepholes and put the other next to the lens reference that has the La Sardina just to have a guide.

Here are some other photos I took.

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written by fernandocallo on 2011-12-27 #gear #tutorials #camera #lens #tipster #fisheye #la-sardina


  1. el_gomex
    el_gomex ·


  2. nuhdos
    nuhdos ·

    The peephole works really good with La Sardina !

  3. a-j-carvalho-da-silva
    a-j-carvalho-da-silva ·

    I´m waiting the results in a Smena 8M. Just waiting... :)

  4. fernandocallo
    fernandocallo ·

    I didn't mention it in the article but when you go to develop your film, you must tell the person that fit the photo in the print. I mean, when you shoot, in the negative you got a little image. Well, that little image, must be resized to fit in the paper. Do you understand me or I post a photo? Sorry for my elementary English

  5. amierasyahida
    amierasyahida ·

    can't wait to try thiss!!!

  6. wontonowisdom
    wontonowisdom ·

    can you do this with a diana???

  7. fernandocallo
    fernandocallo ·

    Of course you can. Actually I named the article because I have a La Sardina but you can use this trick with every camera.

  8. amierasyahida
    amierasyahida ·

    if i do just a few shots using this peep-hole (in a roll of film) how am i suppose to tell the film developer on which picture to be resize for the print?

    *sorry if my question is hard to understand.

  9. fernandocallo
    fernandocallo ·

    Excellent question! Well, the first time I did this trick, the film developer understand and did the resize without asking me, and did it right. I suppose the next time, if doesn't remember, I'm gonna have to tell him that there are some photos that look like in a circle so that photos must be resized. Another option is to tell him only to develop, then you see the negatives and indicate which one must be resized and printed.

  10. fernandocallo
    fernandocallo ·


  11. paytenpurdy
    paytenpurdy ·

    thanks for the creative trick! im going to use this one! :D

  12. iamtheju
    iamtheju ·

    This is great. and reminds me of a tip which I wanted to write a tipster for but never got round to doing.
    If you have a Fisheye no.2, you can use the viewfinder as a fisheye lens for your mobile phone. It's basically the same concept as this. The reason it is so useful is that you can try out shots and angles without committing them to film. Then choose the ones you like and get re-snapping.

  13. 604_
    604_ ·

    Great! Must have this!
    Respect from Russia)

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