My 2011 in Analogue: Walking Man Walks


The first half of 2011 was amply covered by the Whilst We Wait project. The next half is hazy as I found myself buried with my day job and had less freelance photography jobs. The office was renovated and we lost close to two months of productive work. And before you know it, the year was winding down and we were faced with another financial crisis.

The year began strong. I had two photography contracts—a food photography and a golf event shoot. The first half of the year though was marked with major publications with specific deadlines. As you know, books and magazines usually have launch dates or are used in conventions. So that was my situation up to end of April. The clients were impressed that we beat the deadlines. I wasn’t so impressed with the professional fees I got for the rush jobs—such is the life of a graphic designer (sigh!).

My weapon of choice for designing and layouting is my trusty Powerbook. It gets the job done. It has been a constant companion and I’ve had it just about the same time I got into lomography around 2005.

I discovered Instagram and this was like a welcome “distraction”. I made new friends. We had at least 3 Instameets. It was fun but I realized sooner than later, it was NOT lomography. Maybe I will change my mind when I get an iPhone hehe but for now, my lomos are still my walking companions.

Instagram is an ipod/iphone app and it also had a web portal making it easier to browse through the feed. It is indeed fun. You will see lots of shooting styles which simulate lomo effects. The community spirit is strong which is what attracted me to it—just like in lomography groups.

Summer was memorable because I got a photography assignment to shoot the Holy Week procession in Paete, Laguna. It was a spiritually fulfilling experience as well. I tagged along some friends to help me cover the event. I always look forward to shooting Holy Week activities because it captures the human spirit and it’s also encouraging to see a massive manifestation of one’s faith.

I hope to return next year with or without a contract if only to experience again the Holy Week activities in Paete.

Midyear saw the conclusion of a 6-month long assignment. I was working on another major project—an annual report—including both design and photography work. It was hard work. But the final product meet the client’s approval. Oddly enough, I don’t have a single film shot of this project. But right after this project, I rewarded my efforts by buying the La Sardina hehe. I haven’t bought a lomo cam for quite some time. My last purchase was the LC-A+ in 2008!

The La Sardina is robustly built. The design is excellent—a feast for a graphic designer like me. Nice detailed work.

Business slowed down in the next half of the year which enabled me to move around more and go to photography related events: I attended a Lomomanila reunion, a convention on wedding photography, got to go to 3 lomowalks (a Hidalgo and Intramuros lomowalk) and a lomomatrix shoot in UP Diliman).

It was nice to be with the lomographers from Shutter Revolution. They organized the lomomatrix shoot and a couple of lomowalks to Binondo and Intramuros. I ran into the same guys in the wedding congress. They organized several more events which I couldn’t cope up with hehe

The year ended with a barage of activities. I attended a couple of early Christmas parties and then we finally had the Whilst We Wait exhibit launch. It was a memorable event attended by members of Shutter Revolution, lomomanila, Instagram and some other curious fellows who were interested in lomography or were friends of exhibitors.

After attending three early Christmas parties, I ended up boycotting the succeeding parties. I got busy at work. Once again we had real deadlines but it was a belated effort to recover from the slowdown brought about by the untimely renovation.

I did a lot of walking during 2011 (hence the subtitle). It helps me think and as my photos show, a lot of my photos were taken from these walks. The ups and downs of business usually occupied my mind during these sorties—something I have to figure out and do something about next year. One thing for sure, I will have my lomos with me to document my life and mis(sed) adventures.

Credits: stitch

As film photographers, our photos become part of our journey through everyday life. For this year ender series, our Lomographers encapsulate their trials, joys and the various highlights of their lives in 2011.

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  1. renenob
    renenob ·

    si Rey Ruiz ba yun @stitch?

  2. tallgrrlrocks
    tallgrrlrocks ·

    I love the Paete Holy Week set. Great photos as always, Mr. @stitch!

  3. stitch
    stitch ·

    hi @renenob, yep that's him—an old buddy of mine since lomomanila days ;)
    thanks @tallgrrlrocks see you next year ;)

  4. renenob
    renenob ·

    Missing you photos @stitch! It's bee a while

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