The Colours of Christmas by Children

Every kid is waiting for Christmas. The children in my arts and crafts club aren’t any exception. This year the week before Christmas was extremely busy. My 5-6 year-old artists were super excited about making Christmas gifts and decorations. Handmade with love. It can’t get more analogue than this.

Credits: lighthouse_keeperess

It has been four years now since I’ve started working with children. Like everywhere there are good and bad parts, but man I do love my job. Especially before Christmas. It feels as if I am working at an elves’ workshop. Every kid even the most mischievous one wants to make a little something for their parents and friends. And I am always there to help them.

These are just a few things that we made:

Christmas tree decorations made of wire and jewelry beads, beautiful snowflakes made of paper, salt dough decorations (later we colored them), Rudolph and Rudolphina, Mr. Needle- the hedgehog and sweets. My favorite project was snowflakes. Every time I walk through my neighborhood, I can see them in the windows and I feel that I took part in decorating the town.

This year’s favorite among children was the “feeling ball” made of wool. It isn’t difficult to make one, but it takes a while. This is the “little ball of sunshine in the winter” and the “lovely cozy ball”. Most of the children around the world have their Christmas holiday now, so if you have time, make some crafts with your little sister, nephew or cousin. Experience the fun of creating!

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