Fuji Velvia 100 ISO: A Pink Surprise


Just before I left for Gurten Festival for partying, I noticed that I had almost no more films. I went to a photo shop to buy Fuji Sensia 100, but got Fuji Velvia 100 instead. Read about it after the jump!

Anyway, I went to the Zurich main station and there was a huge photo shop. I’m there quite often because the staff is extremely confused and order the wrong things. I asked for two Elitechrome EB 100 and two Fuji Sensia. I ran towards the train stressed and looked at the films later. Then, I noticed that I got a Fuji Velvia instead.

I was a little disappointed, but I forgot about it and loaded it into the camera. When I got the film back then…well…I was a bit shocked. But see for yourself!

The Fuji Velvia 100 ISO is a color slide film, you should receive in each photo shop. In the E6 process, it delivers highly saturated colors and high contrast. It promises less grain and more finesse.

When developed through C-41 process, you often see very unusual results. The colors are also very rich in contrast, can achieve a very extreme color cast. This can range from pink to green.

All this I did not know before, but after using it, my surprise was so great!

An extremely pink tint is created, with bright pink and purple discoloration.

Sometimes, it can also lead to orange discoloration.

My conclusion for this film: it’s not my favorite film, but if I will need some color again, I’ll put it in my camera, guaranteed! So, if you’ve never tried it, buy it and shoot!

written by blumenkind on 2012-02-01 #gear #pink #review #100-iso #lomography #fuji-velvia #x-pro #crossed #user-review


  1. sprofishgel
    sprofishgel ·

    Awesome film! Only tried it once. You´ve got a lot of luck finding that kind and variety of slide films in stores. We don´t have tha luck in Portugal. The best I found was a Provia for €23... Jisas! How much do you pay for EBX, Sensia and Sensia in that photo shop?

  2. hughh
    hughh ·

    Nice shots! I just got my hands on a few rolls after likeing the results I got from 120 format velvia. Hope to get some good results

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