Vintage Cameras Turned Into Nightlights!

Look what we found! Converting cameras into lights, that help avoiding bumps in the dark, is such a bright idea! These luminous, re-purposed, devices are all from the 50s or 60s. For a better look (careful not to blind yourself) read on after the jump!

Photos via Flickr

We stumbled upon these fanciful creations (not because it was dark and we couldn’t see) on Flickr. They are permanent conversions, and although they won’t ever take photos again, their attractive bodies remain intact and on display for all to see on walls throughout the home! We love the quality of the muted blues and reds, made to look like old, miniature, radios with noiseless transmissions coming through!

Their creator explains, he “removed the shutter, film transport, and as much extra plastic as possible to make it light enough to stick in a standard outlet”. The purpose of these creations is to present at a craft fair.

Photo via Flickr

Wouldn’t it be great to have one of these converts for your own to plug in? Maybe you’ll stumble across a camera turned light, or create one of your own using the guide prepared by Jason Hull, creator of the above lights.

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