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把廢物再做 - DIY Instax 照片架給朋友!

2011-12-25 9

動動腦、動動手,做手工嚕!讓空的 Instax 片匣變成禮物。

聖誕節快到,你會跟朋友或是愛人在聖誕節時拍即影即有嗎?但係之後有沒有想過如何放置拍下的 Instax 照片?與其買一本專用相簿,倒不如大家善用那個相紙的片匣吧!



今個聖誕試試動手,做個最Analog 的禮物送給朋友 / 愛人吧。這次是我第一次寫 秘技 Tipser,希望大家會喜歡…祝大家聖誕快樂。Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

專為拍攝事先沒有任何準備而又讓你急不及待要看到和喜愛的照片而設,我們的 即影即有相機 就是隨時可為你效勞!在此 閱覽一系列即影即有相機

written by candy_1006 on 2011-12-25 #gear #tutorials #gift #quickie-tipster #fuji-instax-mini-7s #select-type-of-tipster #tipster #instax #christmas #select-what-this-tipster-is-about #friends #hand-craft #diy


  1. candy_1006
    candy_1006 ·

    Well...I typed wrong a word,sorry about that! It's 'Christmas' but not 'Chirstmas' , so sorry about that:p

  2. edwinchau
    edwinchau ·

    @candy_1006 dun worrt, it had been fixed ;)

  3. jesselau
    jesselau ·

    I love the blue white red one!!!!!!!!!! So beautiful!!!!:D

  4. candy_1006
    candy_1006 ·

    @edwinchau Thanks for your notice:P
    @jesselau You can try to make one :D It's easy to do~!

  5. candy_1006
    candy_1006 ·

    Anyway, Thanks for the likes:) Really appreciate~

  6. jesselau
    jesselau ·

    haha but i hv no art sense hahahaha

  7. edwinchau
    edwinchau ·

    perfect analog gift for next Christmas :P

  8. jentsang
    jentsang ·


  9. candy_1006
    candy_1006 ·

    @jentsang Thanks for your like:):) 盒子我用了塑膠彩上色啊!

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