Graffiti, Lego and Stop Motion, What More Could We Ask For?


We love Lego and graffiti as much as the next person, and we love stop motion probably more than the next person. So, boy were we excited when we stumbled on this amazing video combining the three. See more after the jump.

Some say simple interlocking building block toys, we say endless possibilities. From lego album covers to 9 Foot Brick Walls made of Lego, we love it all! And what’s even better than the aforementioned? That’s right, a stop motion lego video that includes one of our other favorite arts, graffiti.

We don’t know much about the artist, but we still commend his efforts.

We feature cool lego stuff all the time, check it out!

written by gabysalas on 2012-02-15 #news #videos #art #lego #stop-motion


  1. jodidopanki
    jodidopanki ·


  2. dr_gonzo
    dr_gonzo ·

    Great! I made a Lego stop motion just a few days ago myselft (not quite as good as this one ;):
    play this in the backround:

  3. gabysalas
    gabysalas ·

    @dr_gonzo: That's pretty cool! What did you use to make it?

  4. skrutt
    skrutt ·

    Great video!
    @dr_gonzo, nice one! :D And as @gabysalas said, what did you use to make it?

  5. liquorice
    liquorice ·

    Stunning work!

  6. dr_gonzo
    dr_gonzo ·

    @gabysalas,skrutt: thanks :) I'm ashamed to say I used my mobile phone camera and edited it with photoscape :P

  7. gabysalas
    gabysalas ·

    @dr_gonzo: you should try it with the LomoKino, now that you have practiced, try it analogue!

  8. dr_gonzo
    dr_gonzo ·

    if I could afford it... ;)

  9. jackdoc
    jackdoc ·

    This is great! Long live Legos.

  10. lomonesia
    lomonesia ·

    so that's how people do a graffiti

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