The Belle Ragazze Goes Around with Lomography Cameras

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Cosebelle and Lomography are proud to inaugurate, in time with the conclusion of our first year, a beautiful collaboration. Eight girls were selected, each of them linked to a different city which became their new home, in short their adoptive cities. In their new home, together with a Lomography camera in the hand, these girls shot the best moments of their day.

The first one to present us her shots is Elisabetta Casagrande. Let’s enjoy her photos taken in Berlin.

Did you like them? Well, we remind you that this is just the first of eight participants that we’ll see as protagonists, as 7 other girls struggle with their new lives in cities like Sao Paulo, New York, London, Rome, Venice, Florence, and Paris.

Are you curious? Stay tuned!

written by biri on 2011-12-26 #lifestyle #film #camera #location #lomography #analogue-lifestyle
translated by biri

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