Interview with Artistic Leporellos Artist Jesper Visser

Freelance Artist and Art Director, Jesper Visser, is a master of the ink pen. He doodles comics that inspire others. The medium he so loves is also the perfect medium for him to express his emotions fully. He tells of his life’s journeys through his creation, “Little Man’”, whose journey you’ll want to follow, while using your finger to trace the drawn lines that compose him!

Jesper Visser. Photo via Jesper Visser

We know, from your website, that “Little Man started as a simple sketch for storyboards”. Tell us of how he’s grown and the memorable journeys you and him have taken since 2004!

As said the little man started as a storyboard character. The simple drawn figure gave me the possibility to draw quick stories. Mostly my own experiences at events, nightlife and thoughts. I draw them as a comic. On canvas I used it as a pattern. I liked the repetition and the three dimensional effect of the result. The little man brought me from Amsterdam to Vienna, Austria. At the farm were I live now I started to experiment with it. I cut them out of wood and later iron and placed them in the fields. I started to make collages with them and finally I made the step to let them express emotions more directly.

We love doodles, but can’t explain why… Why do you love doodling and, do you think there is a ‘right and wrong’ when it comes to doodling?

Many times when I did draw scenery from coffee houses, people got inspired by the doodles which are around the “real” drawing. I think doodles are a very short emotional statement. Its not about style or technique of drawing. I think its a very pure form of expressing your emotion.

What was your inspiration behind the “Artistic Leporellos”?

The world of comics, friends, my own experiences in life.

What’s your favorite drawing medium to work with?

I love to draw with old Rotring pens. And Indian ink.

How do you do what you do? For those of us thinking about becoming Freelance Artists?

Creativity is not enough. To live from it you should have the overview were to publish and were your ideas are from use. Create a platform.

You’ve lived outside of Austria… Where have you lived and does ‘place’ matter when pursuing your career as a Freelance Artist?

I lived in Amsterdam, Utrecht, San Fransisco, Vienna and now on the countryside of Austria. I think if you are in place were you can work freely than this is the right place. Big cites are nice and can inspire one but you can also get lost. For me its important to have space, also to make my bigger installations.

How long did it take you to complete your additions to the photo accordions (designs, and selecting photos)?

I think 2 weeks. I made parts of it and then worked later again on it.

If you had to lean to one side, either perfectionist or imperfectionist, which side do you fall on, and does this help or hinder your work?

I think I’m the perfectionist. I can fall in love with a beautifully drawn line. When I draw more instantly things get perfect and this brings me on a higher level. On the other side when I quickly want to put down a idea or a concept then the perfectionism works against me.

What new projects are you working on?

At the moment I’m making big animals out of lost-and-found wood. Out of this idea I created a toy-system which is in the phase of a prototype.

Who is one/are some of your favorite/inspirational artists? I feel Keith Haring emulated from viewing some of your works!

Keith Haring was a great artist and with the little man I ended with the same conclusion. For me the Artist Robert Crumb became a big inspiration. Tingueli, Chris Ware, Gilbert Shelton, Jeff Coons, Art Spiegelmann, Da Vinci, Nicky de Saint Phalle. Pop art.

To keep a closer eye on Jesper’s work, visit his website. Also, Jesper’s Artistic Leporellos were created on Lomography’s Photo Accordions.

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