Ceramic Polaroid Coasters

Check out this cool crafty idea. Pretty Polaroid picture ceramic coasters by photographer and craft artist Parul Arora. These nifty analogue trays are perfect this holiday season. Read more…

Photo via Petapixel

Amazing ideas like these slowly turns my apartment more and more analogue-inspired. There’s that toilet paper dispenser I mentioned a few weeks before and now this. The coasters give you a terrific tea time. It also makes coffee in the morning great, with memories of friends and family right there as you sip on your hot or cold beverage. Parul Arora sells these on her Etsy shop.

Photo via Petapixel

Your can check the source article here. Do you happen to know or have analogue themed furniture or other related thingamajigs? If so, you may write an article about it and share with us!

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