Christmas Wish Lists From Way Back


Christmas wish lists today differ from lists way back. Nowadays most people want gadgets or high-tech items. Let’s take a look at some of the items people put on their wish lists decades ago.

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Ventriloquist Dolls
Ventriloquist dolls were one of the most coveted items back then. They come in different shapes and sizes. Children, as well as adults, can enjoy playing with a ventriloquist doll. As shown above, the ventriloquist doll comes with a ventriloquist case and can be brought anywhere.

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AM Headphones and Walkie Talkie
Another big hit was the vanity earphones and the walkie talkie. Children can have hours of fun playing with a walkie talkie. It is useful for adults as well. Imagine having to use this type of walkie talkie today.

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Plush Velour Perma-Prest Kimonos
This is the ideal gift for men back then – velour bathrobes! They come in different colors that compliment every style. They also come with matching booties.

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Pizza Hut Bake and Easy-Bake Oven
The Easy-Bake oven and the Pizza Hut baking set was a big hit for children. They can easily make their own baked goods and small pizzas with these toys. They are easy to use and safe too!

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Superhero Pajamas
These superhero pajamas are flame resistant. They come in different sizes and designs. Kids love wearing this during Christmas. Notice that the pajamas come with matching masks.

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Remember when denim was a big hit? Pre-washed flared denim jeans and denim outer shirts were a big fad. They come in men and women’s styles as shown above.

What items did you put on your Christmas wish list this year? Tell us with a comment below! The information for this article was taken from Vintage Everyday.

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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    I think I owned those Super hero pajamas. I know my parents had those Denim outfits!

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