Gift Suggestions from Lomography Philippines' Community


Spread the Lomo-lovin’ this holiday season by giving your special someone their most deserved analogue presents! These are the gift suggestions from our local community here in the Philippines! Have a merry Lomo Christmas, everyone!

Credits: lakandula

Your Name: Lakan Bunyi
Your LomoHome: lakandula
Your Gift Choice: LomoKino and LomoKinoscope
Who Will You Be Gifting: My niece Ayana whose been one of my favorite portrait models.
Why the Gift: It will be great for her to capture fond memories of her childhood in the form of lomo movies. So when she’s grown up, she’ll have wonderful moving pictures to watch, look back and laugh at the fun times of her young life.
A Special Greeting to Lomographers: Shoot more lomographs in 2012! Show the world the many reasons why life can truly be beautiful if we see it from a myriad of perspectives (well, specially in cross-processed, vignetted, multi-exposed slides). Dare to take more risks through experiments. Embrace your fear, be wild and just plunge into your lomographic desires. But for now, be cautious not to take in too much cholesterol from the holiday foods and watch out your blood alcohol level. Hohohoho!

Credits: bluemie5

Your Name: Jeamie Salvatierra
Your LomoHome: bluemie5
Your Gift Choice: La Sardina El Capitan
Who Will You Be Gifting: My first ever Lomo-buddy, eica (lomohome eicalette)
Why the Gift: This is so far the ultimate Lomo camera for me. It has all the functions I look for such as great flash, multi-exposure and wide angle lens. They say there are many fishes in the sea but there is only one meant for you. I’ve been fishing for so many years now for a good camera but haven’t found the right one until La Sardina was introduced. This camera is meant to be brought wherever I go, its enough to capture every thing I wanted to remember. Its definitely a good and rare catch. I’m 101% sure my friend Eica will feel the same way about La Sardina.
A Special Greeting to Lomographers: Have yourself a Merry Lomo Christmas! This holiday season spend time with your family, friends and love ones and make sure every special moment is captured through the eyes of Lomography!

Credits: boredbone

Your Name: Joven dela Cruz
Your LomoHome: boredbone
Your Gift Choice: Diana Mini
Who Will You Be Gifting: My two daughters, Zeph and Kaia.
Why the Gift: So they wont borrow mine… But seriously, I think this the coolest gift to give for cute little girls. I can imagine the three of us taking snapshots of each other with that camera, that’ll be so awesome. The same cam for both of them to prevent jealousy. Diana Mini Love Is in the Air for Zeph and Diana Mini Gold Edition for Kaia.
A Special Greeting to Lomographers: Keep shooting. there are a lot of people we inspire with those cool moments we capture and the awesome places we shot. Stop the anger and arm ourselves with the coolest cameras and keep shooting. Let’s fill the world with happy lomo pictures. Lomo love everyone. Peace.

Credits: b0rn2b1ush

Your Name: Marissa de Guzman
Your LomoHome: b0rn2b1ush
Your Gift Choice: LC-Wide
Who Will You Be Gifting: My nephew Miggy.
Why the Gift: My Lomo-buddy and favorite subject deserves his own camera to keep his interest in lomography burning while i’m currently not with him in the philippines. the lc-wide is his favorite as he finds it easy to use, compact, and wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidely able to capture everything he wants in a single frame!
A Special Greeting to Lomographers: Ho ho ho, my friends in lomo-land! may your holidays be lomolicious, lubi-lovely, and perfektly meaningful… and may the new year usher more blessings to all of us and all those we love!

Credits: antibiotyx

Your Name: Sherwin Mapanoo
Your LomoHome: antibiotyx
Your Gift Choice: Trip to the beach! I’ll pay for a full tank of gas.
Who Will You Be Gifting: My parents.
Why the Gift: There’s no such thing as a white Christmas in the Philippines. Although the nights are much colder due to chilly winds coming from Siberia, we can still pretty much enjoy the sun during the day even in the month of December. So I’m giving my parents a nice getaway to the beach on Christmas day. It’s my own little way of thanking them for being extremely tolerant of my hobby and the clutter that comes along with it. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. I’ll bring my lomo cameras and document everything, of course.
A Special Greeting to Lomographers: The most important thing with giving is the intention that prompts the deed. A simple hug, a kiss, or a greeting card is more than enough to show your loved ones that you care about them. Gifts need not be tangible or expensive because it’s the thought that counts. It is a bit of a cliché, but true. Enjoy the holidays, everyone! Have a Merry and Lomolicious Christmas!

Credits: renenob

Your Name: Rene Nob
Your LomoHome: renenob
Your Gift Choice: Okotomat
Who Will You Be Gifting: My wife, Joan.
Why the Gift: We just had a baby; and it would be awesome to capture our baby’s milestones in an eight-frame series.
A Special Greeting to Lomographers: Happy Christmas everyone! While you have gifts for friends and family, be sure you have a gift for the birthday celebrant!

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  1. boredbone
    boredbone ·

    ftw! pinoy lomographers!

  2. renenob
    renenob ·

    di umabot yung sa akin

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    bluemie5 ·

    thanks for featuring me! Haha @eicalette! Happy holidays to all!

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