Tow Moo Keong Temple, Kuantan: Nine Emperor Gods Festival


The Nine Emperor Gods Festival is one of the big festivals for Taoists in Southeast Asia. This is a nine-day celebration beginning on the first day of the 9th lunar month of the Chinese calendar.

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In Kuantan, the celebration is held at Tow Moo Keong Temple. Since the arrival of the gods are believed to be through the waterways, devotees invite Jiu Wang Yeh (Nine Emperor Gods) from the sea, and then bring the gods back to Tow Moo Keong Temple.

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Throughout the period, devotees will gather at the temple, burn incense and light the candles, for Jiu Wang Yeh, to pray and make offerings. Some of the devotees will observe a vegetarian’s diet for nine days. Religious rituals are held daily to offer prayers to the deities in return for the blessings.

Credits: guitarleo

Performances and activities will be staged nightly to entertain the crowd. Lion dances and dragon dances are performed during the festival. Local singers are invited to perform for the crowd. Chinese operas are staged twice daily, at the noon and evening.

Credits: guitarleo

Maybe it was a coincidence, every year before the arrival and leaving of Jiu Wang Yeh, it will rain. The rain fall is to clean the place for Jiu Wang Yeh. This is what people say.

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  1. ripsta
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    i remember that night..the road is jammed..nice pic..!!

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    @ripsta thanks bro~
    @psychicd haha yes! this is big event!

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