Motat's 'Playing With Light' Exhibition in New Zealand


Playing with light is a great opportunity for Lomo-Lovers to fill up your cameras with a super-fast films and capture wonderful, weird effects and bokeh this (New Zealand) Summer Holiday!

My son with a blinding aura of light reflecting from him in the light tunnel!

Last weekend, I took the kids down to this wonderful exhibition where we spent hours mucking around with the very tactile exhibits. I even got the opportunity to teach them how a camera works on the Hoya (a famous brand of filter manufacturers) sponsored lens installation.

There are numerous, fun things to do: my favourite being the light tunnel — a huge tunnel of LEDs that react twith light and sound to movement in the tunnel. Running through it has a remarkable effect!

Inside the light tunnel

My photos of Laser dodge were too underexposed; you get to play Mission Impossible as you twist around the lasers that set off an alarm if you make a mistake. Other more educational installations show you how a spectroscope works…

Credits: adam_g2000

Another shows you how different objects reflect different wavelengths of light…

Credits: adam_g2000

This crazy long exposure demonstrates how, like fibre optics, water can carry a beam of light…

Credits: adam_g2000

So how is this exhibition relevant to us, Lomographers? In two ways: firstly, one can learn a great deal about how light works, how it influences what we do and I believe this can only improve our abilities as analogue photographers. And secondly, which among you don’t get a massive kick from mucking around with light in slow exposures, double exposures, light painting, etc?

So I challenge all Auckland based Lomographers, get down to MOTAT this holiday and I want to see what weird and wonderful Lomographs you can come up with!

Credits: adam_g2000

Experience illuminating light, lasers, and lenses like never before through a wide range of interactive activities for the whole family to enjoy. With 22 exhibits, ‘Playing with Light’ offers visitors the chance to explore and learn about the fundamental ways that light helps us in our everyday lives. Some of the action-packed exhibits include:

  • Laser Dodge – weave and duck through a maze of lasers without setting off the alarm
  • Paint with Light – use a virtual paintbrush and draw with infrared
  • Guiding Light – make light bounce down a stream of water
  • Freeze your Shadow – stand, wave, jump or dance in front of a large screen and after a flash of light, see your frozen shadow
  • and so much more!

‘Playing with Light’ is a fun filled, action packed travelling exhibition and it has finally arrived in New Zealand. The exhibition is on display from 21 November 2011 to 6 February 2012. Be sure to visit this must-see exhibition ONLY available at Motat! More information may be found on Motat's website.

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