Lomography B&W 100 (120, 100 ISO): The Right Choice for Black and White


The Lomography B&W is a black and white film with fine grain and strong contrast. Those who want to have real, deep, and bright black and white photos will make the right choice with this film.

When the Lomography B&W 100 was introduced in Autumn 2008, I ordered a few packs to try it out. Some rolls flew to Rome with me, Montpellier and Copenhagen — and I was never disappointed. Even if one would not expect it, this film is suitable for almost any weather condition. Even with clouds and rain, you get wonderful results from it. Truly a film for all cases, although he restricts with his 100 ISO and the lack of color data a bit. There’s only one thing with which I had to fight many times: long-term exposures. But that will also work soon.

I love to do portraits with this film. I find it best in combination with my Lubitel 2. With it, the facial features are striking and the results are something between retro and elegance. Sounds strange, but it is so. I really do love the film! In 35mm cameras, I prefer to use color film, cross processed, as slide film or simple color negative film. Only with the medium format cameras that I prefer black and white films. Perhaps it is the format; 3/4 of all my roll films have no color.

The Lomography Black & White 100 120 provides very nice contrast and an amazing texture. A truly classic black & white film, it gives amazing results in almost every light condition. See our selection of Lomography films here.

written by abcdefuck on 2012-01-16 #gear #medium-format #120 #review #white #lubitel #black #b-w #lomography #user-review
translated by brommi

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    Traumhaft! Ich mag das Bildnis mit dem Hund.

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