Urban Adventures in Tiong Bahru Estate!

Have you been planning to take a series of pictures to document life in Singapore? Grab your cameras and fly down to Tiong Bahru right away!

Tiong Bahru Estate is one of the oldest housing estate in Singapore. That explains for the older designs of shorter housing blocks seen in the area. There are many elderly people who have been staying there since the houses were built up.

Elderly people sitting at the void decks with benches specially catered for them to gather around daily, or bird admiring in the park, or pushing a trolley of cardboards for recycling center is a very common sight in this area. Not sure about you guys, but this area gave me a very heartwarming and a very emotional feeling, seeing the other side of Singapore.

If you are lucky enough, you’ll find cats around the area to play and take pictures with! Tiong Bahru is a place for those who wants to see the olden days of Singapore but of course in modern times! Black and white films are strongly suggested for the lovely strong shadow cast when shooting in the late afternoon.

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