Top Charitable Acts for Christmas Day

Why not make it a family affair to do something swell, to swell your heart with joy in a good deed well done, by performing one or more charitable acts. We’ve made a top 10 list that you can pick from, and add to! So read on and be inspired!

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  1. Cut and Donate Hair!
  2. Donate Warm Coats and Clothing
  3. Give Blood
  4. Volunteer to Sing or Entertain at a Hospital
  5. Recycle Old Phones
  6. Handout Food
  7. Organize a Fundraiser for A Charity of Choice
  8. Start a Swear Tip Jar
  9. Do What She Asks
  10. Pick up Litter

Some can be done on your own, like handing out food, donating clothing, picking up the trash acquired from Christmas Eve parties. For the Swear Tip Jar, set yourself a year-long goal and, come Christmas day of the next year, go to a charity of your picking and donate the money to them! And, if swearing isn’t your thing to begin with, start jar with a word you say often that you’d like to shake, such as ‘like’ in the context of a filler!

With the Do What She Asks we meant to imply, do what your mother tells you and don’t put up a fight! We know that family gatherings are dreaded by some, and that the ‘mother at Christmas dinner’ stereotype is one that most families can relate to, but if you can’t beat them then why not join and enjoy this once a year atmosphere that can actually be quite pleasant!

We were inspired by ideas and charities found on this list. Some of them are strange, some of them ingenious, and all of them entertaining and pioneered in hopes to make giving part of your living!

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