Urban Adventures Around Petain Road!

Having your lunch time at Jalan Besar hawker center and itching to trigger the shutter? Crossover to Petain Road, which is right across the road for some street shooting of a mini red light district!

Petain Road area has been famous for a mini red light district in Singapore. Despite of its notorious fame, the area is also popular for street photographers for shooting. The supervisors of the businesses there are very aggressive against cameras thus do be careful if you are not going to shoot from hip!

The area is mostly visited by foreign workers after work for some physical and mental “stress release”. There are also colorful graffiti along the walls of the houses, which is really nice for cross processing, which in my case, was unlucky because I had black-and-white film in both my cameras!

There are also very nice details around the area to do some multiple exposures and the back alley looks kind of artsy due to the combination of vintage shophouses, the graffiti, and the little design details of the houses.The people just outside Petain Road are also nice subjects for monochrome pictures. My friends and I took a group picture of our reflection in a puddle along the pavement, which marked our first outing together.

It will be a wonderful location right after lunch if you still have some spare time for pictures before heading back to work in this hectic urban city but people may misunderstand your visit to Petain Road!

written by scrabbyknees on 2012-01-01 #places #monochrome #street-photography #candid #location #urban-adventures #nikon-fa #nikon-fg #135mm-f2-8 #ilford-delta-400-pushed-to-1600 #50mm-f1-4

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