Urban Adventures Near Dampsey Road

Churches, abandoned buildings, vintage-looking restaurants.. etc. Are those your favorite shooting subjects? If yes, do head down to the Dampsey Road area for a walkabout that may guarantee you a fruitful trip!

My friend and I headed down to an area just beside Dampsey Road. We were surprised to see a beautiful church, which has red bricks that gives off a very vintage feel. After which we thought that we should continue walking around before settling down at the PS Cafe.

There is an area behind the tall trees, which has an abandoned store house or electrical room looking building, a signal tower and knee-length grass. My friend and I decided to bash through the tall grasses despite wearing merely shorts and slippers, which we did not regret after all the beautiful pictures that the tower and the building could help in producing!

There are also some cafes and restaurants along the road, which we think that its exterior design suited the theme that we had shot in the same roll of film! The area has many interesting details and subjects for multiple exposures.

Head down to this area if you have a date nearby and have some time to spare before the agreed time, you’ll love the area, but try to wear long pants and shoes if you want to try getting to the tower and the abandoned building!

written by scrabbyknees on 2011-12-31 #places #vintage #multiple-exposure #location #lomo-lc-a #nikon-f3 #urban-adventures #tokina-11-16-f2-8 #kodak-epr

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