Top 10 Free Holiday Activities

Don’t you always find out, after the fact, that if you had waited a day the museum entrance, or shop product you paid for, would have been free! If you are low on funds, after spending on gifts and food that you can’t and shouldn’t resist, then here’s a list of free things to enjoy!

O tidings of comfort and joy… In all actuality, you can do the things listed here all year round!

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  1. A Walk in the Park
  2. Play with Toys at the Toy Store
  3. Try on Clothes and Perfume at a Department Store
  4. People Watch at Christmas Markets
  5. Museums (with Free Entrance)
  6. Organize a Walking Tour
  7. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen
  8. Watch Carolers or a Christmas Choir in Public Spaces
  9. Go to a Community Potluck
  10. Leave Art as Gifts on Public Benches

Stroll, walk briskly, skip and jump through the prettiest park in your area. Dust off the leaves and take a seat on a bench, watch people walk by and catch snippets of their conversation. As you stand to leave, leave behind a small photo, drawing, poem, or even canvas of art for a stranger! Who knows, you might be invited to their house for a community potluck and see it hanging on their kitchen wall!

Check museums, even if you know they usually change admittance, for dates such as public holidays, to see when they offer free entrance!

And who doesn’t love toy stores. They aren’t just targeted at young children but have toys for all ages, and most have display models to play with, or demos for electronic games. You’ll spend hours of enjoyment and, when you’ve had enough, wander over to the next clothing store to try on outfits you’d never think of owning!

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