Vintage Christmastime in the City

We’re already running into the final countdown for Christmas. By now, the streets and cityscapes around the world are already gleaming and glistening with beautiful Christmas lights and decorations. Ever wondered what Christmastime in the city looked like many decades ago? You’re in luck, as we have some beautiful vintage photos of holiday scenes for you!

I’m pretty sure that in every corner of the globe where Christmas is celebrated, the cities are among the very first to get into the Holiday mood. All sorts of glimmering, gleaming, glittering decorations make the streets, buildings, and overall cityscape a lot more cheerful and festive. Our modern world now gets clothed in Holiday get-up with more high-tech and fancy decorations, so you might be wondering, what was it like to take a stroll in the cities many years ago, once upon a Christmastime?

Not so long ago, we brought you to the early 1900's for a glimpse of Holiday scenes and celebrations in general. Now, allow us to take you back once again to the Christmastime of the yester-decades, this time, to marvel at the holiday scenes around town!

Although stripped of the usual cheerful holiday hues, the monochrome photos above nevertheless show towns in brighter and merrier moods. The snapshots of New York, London, and Brussels date from the late 1950’s to the late 1960’s.

But, since Christmas is all about vibrant, cheerful colors, we also found some interesting photographs by esteemed LIFE photographers Alfred Eisenstaedt and William J. Sumits, which seem to have been taken using either a slide film (like Fuji Astia 100F) or maybe even a tungsten film (like Lomography X Tungsten 64!)

All photos were taken from LIFE Images Hosted by Google

What do you think of these vintage snapshots of cities during Christmas? Tell us with a comment below!

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