Urban Adventures at Kranji War Memorial

Looking for a peaceful place in an urban city like Singapore? Check out the Kranji War Memorial located just a stone’s throw away from the relocated Turf City!

The place is dedicated to the men and women from United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Sri Lanka, India, Malaya, the Netherlands, and New Zealand who defended and died for Singapore during the Japanese Occupation in World War II. It comprises of the War Graves, the Memorial Walls, the State Cemetery, and the Military Graves.

The most prominent detail about this memorial is that the tombstones are lined up in a very uniform and neat manner, which is beautiful for some abstract landscape pictures. The memorial walls and tombstones are nicely carved with very nice fonts, which create a whole new effect when shooting against low-angle light.

Kranji War Memorial is also the place if you are a fanatic of sunrise! There is also a very nice big patch of grass, which is very well maintained for some landscape or still life pictures. There are not many tall buildings around the area except for the main memorial walls, thus explaining a very good place for “non distracting background” pictures, which you can include the beautiful sky with the lovely clouds!

Black and white pictures? YES, YES, and YES! Monochrome shooters are also recommended to take pictures there! Other than the graves, the gardeners are also interesting subjects who are also more than willing to have their pictures taken while mowing the lawn and watering the grass!

Kranji War Memorial is a place where your cameras are loaded with any kind of films! Cheers!!!

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