ADOX CHS 125 (120, 125 ISO): Medium Format Film with Excellent Quality

The ADOX CHS 125 is just a great film! Unfortunately, I found it only last summer in Berlin. Read more about what I think about this film and some sample photos after the jump!

First of all it, must be said that the ADOX CHS 125, for a medium format film, the price is unbeatable. Fortunately, it is still produced today, and still provides excellent quality.

With its 125 ISO it is suitable especially for my favorite plastic cameras like the Diana F+ (but only in sunny days). It resulted in fine contrast and something like a fog over the photos. I used it even on cloudy days, but these photos were extremely underexposed, and sometimes you could not see anything. Of course, these images have something special, but the retouching of dust and scratches after scanning was extremely exhausting and time consuming.

The contrast created by this black and white film is very soft, so it is very well-suited for portraits. In addition to the Diana F+, I also use the film in my Vredebroch Felita. Together, I find that they create a wonderful combination for street photography.

written by abcdefuck on 2012-02-15 #gear #medium-format #black-and-white #120 #review #portrait #white #black #lomography #adox #125 #user-review
translated by brommi

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