The Incredible Soft Tones of Orwo NP 20 (35mm, 80 ISO)


Here’s an old film from the German Democratic Republic era: the Orwo NP 20, an 80 ISO 35mm film. This black and white film produces photos with incredibly soft tones.

I found ten old films in the school’s darkroom. All of them are expired and not provided in a casing of metal but of plastic, with only a small sticker. At first, I was a bit scared that the lab would not develop it, but I only had to wait a few days longer.

ISO 80 is a relatively unusual sensitivity, but it doesn’t mind being exposed on ISO 100. With the LC-A+ it’s the only way. I also exposed a film in an old LC-A on ISO 50 but this results in blurred photos out of the wrist.

The gray tones are soft, but also with a high contrast. The grain is fine. Somehow, all the photos look like old, faded postcards.

So, if you should find this film somewhere, at a flea market or anywhere else, try it out! Best in the LC-A. Just a great black and white film.

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written by abcdefuck on 2012-01-11 #gear #35mm #review #white #old #black #lomography #soft #ddr #orwo #80-iso #user-review

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  1. gvelasco
    gvelasco ·

    Nice results. The film seems to have held out well. I really like the Eiffel Tower shot.

  2. simonh82
    simonh82 ·

    great photos, it looks like a really lovely film, beautiful tones.

  3. pikc
    pikc ·

    Great works.

  4. kindofpalejewel
    kindofpalejewel ·

    Beautiful - and give me fond thoughts of Paris, where I lived last year!

  5. unreality
    unreality ·

    just bought one for 2EUR at aflea market in Lviv, waiting to load it in my Smena Symbol after I finish a roll of color Fuji.

  6. vend123
    vend123 ·

    ORWO NP 20 ist great, but NP 15 ist better (50 ASA low-low grain). Similar material is FOMAPAN 100 Profesional. This is old fashion film, but not expensive like Rollei.

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