Dakar Rally 2012

My town, Subotica in Serbia, Europe has a Dakar 2012 bike competitor named Gabor Saghmeister. Just a cold, big man. One of the best riders of Serbia, Subotica, Gabor Saghmeister is ready for a new Dakar Rally to be held from 1 to 15 January 2012. He is now with his team, which held a promotion in Freedom Square, where the citizens of Subotica could see the engine, which will be used this year as well as the engines that were used in the previous Dakar Rallies.

Saghmeister Gabor will perform at the rally with a brand new KTM engine of 450 cubic meters, which is forty pounds lighter than last year’s, it has 75 hp and develops a maximum speed of 180 km/h. To go to this prestigious global event, Saghmeister has helped many companies such as longtime partner Euro Gas and Office Shoes, Legend, of course, help support was also provided by the Department for Sport and Youth of Subotica, the Ministry of Sport and Youth of Serbia.

Gabor Saghmeister said: “I am ready for a new challenge in Dakar. Physically, I am in good shape, I can thank coach Zoran Ivanovic, who was preparing me. This year I participated in over thirty races in the championship of Serbia, the Balkans, and Alpe Adria. I received, as you can see, a brand new engine that was designed exclusively for the Dakar Rally, with whom I can more easily pass through the dunes and strange landscapes of Argentina and Chile.The competition starts with a six-member team, so it will be me, Predrag Milinkovic, RTS journalist, my friend and longtime companion, Mark Kopunović, Gligorije Gligorijević with Eurosport, Vladimir Rajević, my friend with the motocross now playing the role of assistant, and Srdjan Milosavljevic, the main representative of KTM in Serbia.”

This year’s competition will consist of 14 stages over a length of 8,500 km. Training has been through the landscapes of Argentina, Chile, and Peru. So far, it has been reported that about 465 vehicles, of which about 190 motorists will join, and among them is our fellow citizen Gabor Saghmeister.

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