Turn Your Room Into A Camera Obscura


Justin Quinnell, one of our favorite pinhole photographers, has recently released a product which allows you to turn an entire room into a Camera Obscura. Read on for details and find out how you can make your own!

Pinhole wizard Justin Quinnell has recently released a Camera Obscura Kit which allows you to project inverted images of the outside world into a room. It’s a cool accessory, especially for teachers looking to inform their students a little about the history of photography (Camera Obscuras were first used over 2500 years ago). You can get the Kit through Justin’s site and read more about setting it up here.

By the way, this isn’t the first cool pinhole product Justin has produced – Also check out his Smiley-Cam if you’re after a camera which can take pinhole photos from inside your mouth!

Looking to build your own DIY camera obscura? Check out this Lomography article for an awesome how-to guide.

Want to find out more about Justin and his pinhole tricks? Read our Interview with him for World Pinhole Day 2011

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    Awesome! I have been looking for something like this for ages!

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