Best Christmas Traditions

We realize some of these traditions are location specific, but we wanted to recognize them as they are great traditions that were formed on the premises that Christmas and the season was a reason to celebrate!

1. Almond Present (Mandelgave)

If you like almonds, presents, and winning games, then this tradition is right up your alley! So, why not instill it in your household? It’s a Nordic tradition, and done on Christmas in Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Sweden. It’s not a game that requires concentration to win. Actually, it’s not a game at all as you win if you get the ‘while almond’ in your serving of Christmas rice pudding. The one with the whole almond receives a small gift!

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2. Bonfires

Come on, who doesn’t like staring into flames and the bright embers in campfires. If you like this, then imagine the monstrous bonfires that arise during Christmastime. In Louisiana, 100 bonfire structures are built annually and burned on Christmas Eve. The reaches about 10 meters high!

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3. Mistletoe

This one falls on both sides of the coin. It is a fun, and exciting tradition for some, and for others, a pain they have to endure. We think it’s harmless as, for those who are really against it, they’ll avoid taking that route at the office or house party where it’s spotted hanging. For their sake, we hope it’s not by the, unavoidable, bathroom!

The tradition is said to have Scandinavian origins and was popularized in North America.

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4. The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures

For those thirsting to learn and acquire knowledge, these series of single topic lectures held at London’s Royal Institution serve as gateways for people form all backgrounds to educate themselves. The lecture series has been running since 1825 and are also entertaining! If you’d like to catch the program for yourself it’s usually televised on BBC. Check their website for information.

Some notables are Sir David Attenborough and Richard Dawkins.

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5. Food!

Mmmm…now tell me if this isn’t one of the most alluring aspects of the season! From sweet treats your grandmother used to make, or still does, and meals that take days and multiple hands to prepare and make! We’ve been enjoying the food and company since the season began. So don’t feel guilty, but indulge. Just don’t get sick!

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