The Art of Re-Gifting

When we published the guide of homemade presents we said that was not about re-gifting, this article totally is. And don’t think of it as a negative, it’s an environmentally, economically conscious decision. So, how to do it right? Read on!

Credits: panelomo

First for the no-no’s:

  1. Don’t Give Someone Something They Gave You: Make sure you keep track of who gave you what. The idea of re-gifting is not hurting someone’s feelings, it’s giving someone something they have more use for than you.
  2. Don’t Tell Someone This is a Re-gift: It’s the thought that counts. You thought this would be a good present and they will appreciate that. Double edged sword here, you might want to consider telling the person it’s a re-gift if they are familiar with the original giver, to avoid future faux pas.
  3. Remove All Evidence of the First Gifter: Make sure any personalized notes addressed to you are taken out of the package before giving it forward. If you are saving on the gift, the least you could do is spring some cash for new wrapping paper and a card.
  4. Don’t Give Used Gifts: Ok, so the last time you called the fire department when you tried to use that fondue set. If it has the burn stains on it, throw it out or donate it. Don’t pass it on!

Now for the positives!

  1. Stop Feeling Guilty About Re-Gifting: We’re in a world financial crisis, our environment is in a crisis, so, you are actually doing all of us a favor!
  2. Save Some Money: Hey, re-gifting is good for your future, every penny saved is a penny earned.
  3. Match the Gift To the Recipient: You are not trying to start an endless chain like those annoying send this forward in ten seconds or else emails. Make sure the person you are giving the gift to will find some use for it.

Any rules we missed? Let us know in the comments.

written by gabysalas on 2011-12-23 #lifestyle

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