Preparing for Christmas With Lomography Gingerbread


We can now get camera-shaped cookie cutters with orders from the Lomography Online Shop. Do you have one of these cookie cutters? Are you going to bake and decorate cookies? Why don’t you make a Lomography gingerbread too?

My wife bakes gingerbread every year during Christmas time. We decorate it with food coloring and icing then we hang the nice ones on the Christmas tree. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of these camera shaped cookie cutters but I had a special request for my wife: Lomography emblem gingerbread!

Actually, the Lomography emblem has a simple shape. It’s a rectangle with two bevelled corners. You don’t need a cookie cutter, only a knife. I have a big Lomography magnet and made it my model. Of course, I participated in the work — kneading the dough, cutting the cookies and taking photos.

You need:

  • baked gingerbread (cut according to shape)
  • red food coloring (use two shades if possible, mixing the food coloring and icing in different proportions yields different shades of color)
  • egg white icing (powdered sugar, egg white, a few drops of lemon juice)
  • pastry bag (or a plastic bag with a hole cut at the bottom)

If you have all of these, paint the gingerbread red and let it dry for 24 hours. Write the text using pastry bag filled with icing and then let it dry again. I think it also looks good together with camera shaped cookies!

I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a lot of Lomo stuff under the Christmas tree!

written by szzs on 2011-12-23 #gear #tutorials #tipster #decoration #icing #gingerbread #christmas #emblem #cookie #bake #food-colouring


  1. szzs
  2. cindly
    cindly ·

    mmmh, they look delicious! think i'm gonna make them next winter (:

  3. szzs
    szzs ·

    @cindly Thanks!!!

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