Make Last Minute Gifts with Household Items!

We aren’t necessarily saying ‘re-gifting’ but ‘re-purposing’. And if you aren’t using it, then why not give it to someone who you know will appreciate it! And, a lot of these crafts transform the original object to the point of nonrecognition! So, what are you waiting for, it’s already the last minute!

Credits: joleelomo

City Guide

Make your own city guide (much like our own city guides) by taking your best city shots and arranging them in a design, or even word, program and write in your thoughts on the areas you’ve visited, or borrow descriptions from internet guides. One fun idea would be to cut out a photo of the friend you are presenting this guide to and paste them in the scenes for laughs and also so that they can imagine what it’d be like when they are there in the flesh!

Credits: kleeblatt


Watch this tutorial on how to make a new candles out of old ones that have collected dust from laying on counter tops or in drawers for many years.

You can decorate wide candles with old necklaces that preferably have a ribbon or velvet collar and a pendant.

Credits: abde

Gift Basket

If you do Easter egg hunts we assume you have one too many baskets taking up valuable storage space. Instead of saving them for next year, why not line the insides with straw or cotton wool, to represent snow, and place edibles, such as cookies you’ve baked, a bottle of unopened wine you are saving for some occasion you know will never arrive, and other wrapped foodstuffs (can be a couple of designer chocolates or other goodies out of your own large box of them) which, when arranged nicely, will look full and appetizing!

Wooden Spoon Puppets
Use your old wooden spoon and fork set to make horses, mice, princesses, librarians, and whatever your puppet show should call for! Do this by painting the spoon in your color of choice. For the horse, you could leave the body of it unpainted and just paint on its face, stick on some strings of wool for its mane and for its tail, tie a bunch of string at the very end of the handle!

This is a great gift and toy for young children! You can even make these with kids as a craft project.

Credits: dogtanian

Light Bulb Window Vase

There are many sorts of light bulb craft projects out there. This was one of the more attractive, year round, ones! Here is a video showing one crafter, making her bulb vases in no time at all! All you have to do is cut the base off, remove the electrical bits, clean it out, and then use metal wires to wrap around the neck of the bulb, making sure its secure, and either hang them one by one by the window or a couple on clothes hangers. Fill them with water and cut flowers and watch the sunlight illuminate the water, through the glass!

Be careful when packaging this gift for friends! We suggest wrapping in bubble wrap or layers of newspaper.

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