Behind the Scenes: Capa’s Set Photos of ‘Notorious’

Many of us know Robert Capa for being a combat photographer. During his lifetime, he was also able to take other photographs, such as behind the scenes shots of Alfred Hitchcock’s movie ‘Notorious’. Learn more after the break.

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Robert Capa was a war photographer who covered 5 different wars during his lifetime. Apart from that, he is also known for being one of the founders of Magnum Photos. Majority of Robert Capa’s photographs were taken during the war but he has other works, too.

Robert Capa met Alfred Hitchcock when he visited the set of the movie ‘Notorious’. Capa was there to visit Ingrid Bergman, who at that time he had a relationship with. They met when Ingrid Bergman went to Europe in order to entertain the soldiers there. Capa followed Bergman back to Hollywood but soon realized that the Hollywood lifestyle was not for him. After a short stint at the American International Pictures, he left for Turkey and also ended his relationship with Bergman.

‘Notorious’ is a thriller film that focuses on espionage. While filming took place, Capa was able to take some snapshots of the actors, director and crew in action. Here are a few photos that he took during his set visit:

Photos via Alfred Hitchcock Geek and Flavorwire

Looking at the photos, Robert Capa still incorporated his personal photography style, even when he was shooting in a location far different from the chaos during a war.

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The information for this article was taken from Wikipedia - Robert Capa and Argentina US Embassy.

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