Don't Play Russian Roulette!


You get the full guarantee with these cameras of the past!

When you buy a Russian Deadstock Camera on you get the full quality guarantee. All cameras are checked inhouse!

Buy the Fed 2
Buy the Zorki 1
Buy the Zenit 11
Buy the Vilia
Buy the Lubitel 1
Buy the Fed 5

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Fed 5 Photos

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written by lucasjakobsson on 2009-05-04 #news #russian #deadstock #offer #fed-5 #vilia #fed-2 #zenit-11 #lubitel-1 #zorki-1


  1. eyecon
    eyecon ·

    I own a FED 5 - it´s really a tank and since there is no battery you don´t have to worry and can take it anywhere.....but for shoot moving objects it´s really Russian Roulette! :) So, I prefer to shoot stills with it....

  2. ammar
    ammar ·

    I recently bought a fed 2 from LSI. ive just finish using my 3rd roll. hope to get great results. 1 thing about it, the leather case strap is about to snap :(

  3. stiff
    stiff ·

    i have a smena and the all manual functions are very funny and unpredictable.

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