Vivitar EZ35: A Day and Night Camera


A few months ago, I bought 2 Vivitar EZ35 plastic cameras off of a buy-one-take-one online deal. I bought them even if I have virtually no idea what the camera is like. The only thing that made me do so is the fact that is was by Vivitar. And, with the popularity of the Vivitar UWS and the Vivitar IC100 here in the Philipines, 2 Vivitar EZ35s for less than $9 seems to be a good bargain.

When the camera finally came, the first thing I noticed was its size. It’s larger than what I expected. I probably got used to its Vivitar cousins that are usually compact. Not unless you have a rather large pocket, I really can’t consider this camera as pocketable.

Another unusual thing in the design of this camera is that, it doesn’t have any take-up spool. The only thing available is a simple chamber for which the advanced film is loaded to. Even if there is no take spool, advancing is pretty convenient, except towards the end when the take up chamber is already filled with film.

It you want pseudopanoramic images, this camera also comes with a panoramic mask, which I haven’t tried yet.

Other than the mentioned features that initially stood out for me, the Vivitar EZ35 is pretty much like your typical plastic camera: light as a feather, 35mm free focus lens, fixed shutter speed of about 1/100, and a fixed aperture at f/8.

The images produced by this camera are fairly soft; and might even be considered as decent by the standard of any plastic camera user. With its specifications, it is of course best to used when the sun is up. You can expect vignetting as well.

I have always associated flares with the brand name Vivitar, but not for this camera. There are no flares like that of its UWS cousin.

If you get bored, placing colored gels or a magnifying lens if front of the lens is always a good idea to be more creative.

One great thing about this typical plastic camera though is that is has a standard hotshoe. Thus, it’s not completely useless at night. Just slide in a standard flash or a Colorsplash Flash, and you’ve got yourself day time and night time camera.

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  1. bylcuenca
    bylcuenca ·

    excited na ako @renenob

  2. ojjvz
    ojjvz ·

    anyone living in europe where it´s hard to find vivitar camera´s could also try finding an olympus trip 500. also fixed 1/100 but at f 6.7 and built in flash and more compact. it has a 28mm lens tho. i got one for 3 euro's

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