LomoAmigo Amandeep Singh: The Night Walker

Presenting the first Lomo Amgo of 2012 – Amandeep Singh from New Delhi. Armed with his LC-A+ and LC-W, Aman loves to shoot the underbelly of the city fused with glamor and trance in the night.

Along with a awesome feature with him we also have an exclusive video documenting his lomo-philosophy.

Name : Amandeep Kochar
Lomo ID : Standbymind
Age : 26
City and Country : New Delhi, India
Favorite Cameras : The LC-A+ and the LC-W. They are my partners in crime!

Where does the passion for analog photography come in you?
My interest in photography started off with a small point and shoot digital camera. Naturally I wanted to take it to the next level and buy those bigger cameras. It was then that my close friend suggested that I try analog photography. I will never ever forget the results which came out from my first ever roll. The pictures were like a fantasy to me. The feeling of touching it with my hands, the colors, the tones – that was the defining moment. It was enlightenment for me, for I knew at that very moment that I am going to shoot film for rest of my life.

Your Images are dark and deal a lot intimate lost thoughts. What inspires you?
Unfortunately our lives are usually occupied with being pretentious. We need to show things which might not be our real feelings. I find that the best photograph is a piece of art which catches the subject off guard. The moment when your face shows the real you. If you catch that one single thought which depicts his inner self that is one good photograph. Everyone us has a darker side which we closely try to keep off from coming out. Capturing that side of a person on my film is what inspires me.

You use mostly the LC-A+ and LC-Wide in you work. Why these two specific cameras?
I love clubbing and hanging out at places with great music. The biggest problem I faced was carrying my big SLR with me all the time into clubs and parties. Somewhere you won’t be allowed to carry it and if you take it in, your subject will be so much conscious looking at this big thing. LC-A+ gives me this freedom. I always carry it in my one pocket and couple of extra films in other. LC-Wide gives the depth and the wide angle which is sometimes necessary to capture the entire setting of your photo.

One person you want to photograph right now?
That is such a difficult question. Right now the first name which hits my mind is Damian Marley.

The sound track of your life?
Right Back by Yuri Kane.

One camera you wish to have in the coming future?
I am so in love with Lomo Kino the day it was revealed on Lomography website. I really want to make a small movie on film.

One tip for all Lomographers out there?
There are no rules and boundations when it comes to photography. Don’t ever think what people would like or dislike. Be yourself and click what you heart says!

One secret which you want to share with all Lomographers?
Always stock some extra film and rubber with you – in your pocket or your bag. You never know when some amazing opportunity will present itself in front of you!

To see more of Aman’s work, visit his Flickr

And ofcourse, how can we finish without that exclusive video just for you!

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