Vredeborch Felica


The Vredeborch Felica is a beautiful medium-format compact camera designed in the 1950s. It looks very chic and resembles the design of other classic cameras like the Diana.

Photo from deutsches-kameramuseum.de

In my early days of analog photography, I wanted a medium format camera. This should not be so expensive, because you wanted to try first. Then, I found a gray and light camera. Its shape resembled the Diana F+ a bit. It looked a bit damaged, but still lovable at a flea market. Later, I noticed that all the markers were missing at the camera.

I scoured the Internet until I found a camera, which was very similar to the one I had. I stuck small stickers with the correct shutter speed (1/25, 1/50, and Bulb) and distances on it by myself. You set the aperture using the symbols: cloudy (f8) and sun (f16). Then, I went to the next photography store and bought my very first 120 film and shot it through the camera.

Credits: abcdefuck

After a few months, I found the same camera, new and black at a flea market, even with a bag. Since this day I knew that the name of the camera is Vredeborch Felica and not Vredeborch Stafetta Duo, as I wrote in in an old English review.

The Felica looks very chic and was produced in the mid-1950s. The design follow this. The images have a slight blur and vignetting in the corners. Both are much weaker than that from a Holga or Diana F+.

The center of the photo here is also the sharpest point. I prefer black and white films with the camera, because these films tolerate exposure errors at best and are simply a good combination. The camera is an eye-catcher and also the results.

Information for this review were taken from Camerapedia.

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translated by brommi

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