Fuji Sensia 400 35mm: Best for All Weather Conditions

Fuji Sensia 400 is the ideal film for all weather conditions, allowing you to take photos in bright, sunny days or cloudy, and even rainy days.

Fuji Sensia 400 fits perfectly in the Diana F+ with the 35mm back. Just put it in and you can take pictures in sunshine and rain, without thinking whether the light is enough or not.

It relies on the setting you use on the camera: sunny and cloudy.

For cameras that allow you to set the ISO settings (e.g. LC-A+ or LC-Wide) the film is perfect during the dark season, because it’s fast, so the exposure time is short. When the film is full, you can develop it normally as a slide film (E-6).

You get photos with normal colors. You get special colors, when you cross-process the film (C-41). Your photos will have a nice dirty-greenish shade. I love it!

Unfortunately, you can only buy this film in few photo stores, at expensive prices. Very sad, but that makes it more desirable.

Fuji Sensia 400 is my personal favorite slide film. First, because the colors are super great and also the only slide film, which I had never exposed completely incorrectly.

Fuji Sensia 400 35mm yields lovely results no matter how it’s processed. When cross-processed, Fuji shots have huge contrast and a total colour shift towards green & cream, blue, or even pink – depending on your developer. See the whole range of colour slides in our Shop.

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translated by brommi

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