Konica Infrared 750nm: Perfect Film for Infrared Photography Beginners


I would like to introduce you to a beautiful infrared film, which is not manufactured anymore. The Konica Infrared 750nm is a black and white infrared film, sensitized for a wavelength up to 820 nm to the infrared region.

To the human eye, infrared light is invisible. Using infrared filters and specially sensitized films can make the infrared light visible.

The Konica 750nm is not manufactured anymore. It has a light protective layer and provides relatively “normal”, sharp images. The advantage of this film is that you can place it in daylight into the camera. You can use it as a 35mm (producing 24 photos) and as a medium-format film.

I took the photos with the Lubitel 166+ and a R-72 infrared filter. It’s also possible to use a red filter. In the datasheet, it’s recommended to expose the film with a shutter speed of 1/60 and an aperture of f5,6. In addition, the IR effect is greater when the sun is behind you. I have also tried to observe my recordings, and must say that I like the IR effect of this film. I also like that you can set the shutter speed and aperture only at the beginning and don’t rethink about it before each exposure.

I wrote some notes about the IR-photos:

Leaves, grass, moss, etc.: very pale, almost white (wood effect)
Needle leaves: dark, almost black
Water (quietly): dark, almost black
Water (churned): white
Blue skies: very dark to black
Cloudy sky with blue components: white clouds, black sky, dramatic storm mood is typical for IR

As you can see from the list, the IR effect is greatest when you take photos of nature. Photos of people are possible. The clothing of my friend appears white on the photo; he had a pair of jeans and a green T-shirt on.

The Konica Infrared 750nm photos was developed as a black and white film. I developed it in Rodinal 1+25, 5 minutes (1+50, 6 minutes).

Conclusion: This film is a straight-forward black and white infrared film. It’s easy to produce the IR-effects on the photos. With the right filter, this film is perfect for beginners in infrared photography because aperture and shutter speed does not need to be constantly re-adjusted. If you see this film, then buy it!

written by frauspatzi on 2011-12-28 #gear #nature #film #black-and-white #infrared #review #konica #lomography #user-review #infrared-photography
translated by brommi


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    hi ,anything need to be taken into consideration while loading and unloading the film? or even while developing? does it had to be in total dark room state?

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