10 Ways to Turn Scrooges into Christmas Lovers!


The spirits of Christmas past, present and future are waiting to jump on the next scrooge they see wandering through the Christmas markets. Problem is, anti-holiday spirits will never be caught dead in these locations with ho-ho-ho written all over them! Let’s show you how to turn their grimaces into grins!

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1. Get them a list of entertaining (not mainstream) Christmas or anti-Christmas films! For instance, there’s Blackadder’s Christmas Carol, The Ice Harvest, Bad Santa and Scrooged to name a few!

Though they will be reveling in the anti-Christmas cheer, your job is done if you can put smiles on their faces regardless of the fact they are laughing ‘at’ and not ‘with’ those who celebrate the holiday!

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2. Food, is always the best bet! Perhaps not punch or cheap, sweetened, mulled wine (as I’ve found most of those who dislike Christmas and the festivities surrounding it, hate Christmas markets and the overpriced food items). So, sneakily waft the smells of Christmas-time staple foods in the direction of your friend with the furrowed brow, make a list of all those he or she starts drooling over, and be sure to include them in your party menu!

Now, the test will be if this is enough to lure that one Grinch of a guest to your door for Christmas dinner!

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3. See #1. Intersperse these films with subliminal messages promoting all the positive, ’can’t do without’, things about Christmas! If you are a whiz at this sort of thing and edit videos as a hobby, then all right. And, if you know your copyright laws, then go for it! But for the rest of you, this won’t be easy! Then again, turning scrooges into Christmas lovers isn’t an easy task!

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4. Spend time talking about the sides of Christmas that aren’t hyper commercialized and not related to shopping! For instance, talk about charity initiatives, find out about which charities your friend holds close to their hearts and (if you are up for it) volunteer with them on or around Christmas day! Turning into a ‘giver’ and charitable person one time a year is also something anti-Christmas persons dislike. So, (again, if you are willing) show this isn’t you by committing to activities to help those in need on a regular basis!

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5. A splash of good humor, and a dose of pure laughter, is the best remedy! We aren’t saying those anti-Christmas folks need any remedying, but oftentimes people forget why they are so bent on their tradition of despising something that it takes determined merrymaking to break down the walls that have formed over time.

They don’t have to like Christmas anymore to enjoy good company!

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6. Have them talk to a child, or a few of them! Ask them to ask a child what they think of Christmas. We aren’t sure how doable this is unless you know a parent, or are one, of a child going to school, but we’d suggest bringing them to sit in on a class educating about Christmas traditions and have them watch as the Children learn about why Christmas is celebrated.

This will appeal to the type of anti-Christmas person that doesn’t like how people only partake in the commercial side of holidays, without knowing exactly how things originated. Perhaps your friend will realizes, for the most part, it’s OK for people of all backgrounds to celebrate Christmas and form their own traditions around it!

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7. Give them environmentally friendly gifts, wrapped in newspaper! Of course, a lot of resources are put in to the once-a-year celebration. Bows, tinsel, wrapping paper, plastic and polystyrene cups and dishes…the list goes on! So, show your eco-friendly friends you care by adopting the ‘less is more’ attitude! Reuse bags, bows, or forgo them all together! Have a craft night and make a gift for that scrooge of a special someone to show you care! We’re sure your efforts will be appreciated.

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8. Give up Christmas! What?! Now hold on a minute! What we mean is give up the tradition of ‘exchanging gits’ during this time and, instead, host a party in which all the traditional stapes remain except the gifts! Ask your friends to give a reasonably priced donation to you, instead of a solid gift, which you’ll donate to a charity of your picking! When your scrooge friend gets the invite and is introduced to the idea that they’ll be a part of something larger than the commercial Christmas he or she is adamant about avoiding, then we’ll bet their fears will vanish!

9. Change all the clocks, calendars and whatever else necessary in order to have your friend believe Christmas is long over. Invite him to your holiday dinner and, once the lovely evening is over, then, and only then tell him the pleasurable event was brought to him by the magical spirit of the season! We are positive their dumbfounded expression will be followed with a smile.

Oh, and do let us know if you pull this off!

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10. Let them be. Call them up after Christmas is over and observe how fresh and happy they look! It’ll be as though they’ve been given a brand new start! Which, they have as it’ll be the new year by the time the last Christmas tree has come down (or so we hope).

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    #8. You "exchange gits" at Christmas? How interesting.

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