Gift Giving This Holiday Season

Christmas is not only about receiving gifts from your loved ones. Half the fun is giving them out too! Here is a short stop-motion animation clip that will hopefully inspire you this coming Christmas.

Credits: eifelomo, joyceyjoyce, panelomo & mafiosa

Most of us associate Christmas with receiving presents. I too, have to admit that getting gifts from my friends and family always gives me a warm fuzzy feeling but I feel happier when I am the one giving gifts. The spirit of Christmas is the spirit of giving. This does not mean that we have to go out and buy the most expensive gifts we could afford to give to our friends. We can give them the smallest gift as long as it comes from the heart. Also, gift giving does not always mean giving away material things. The gift of giving can simply mean spending quality time with your loved ones. If you’re still stumped on how you can get into the spirit of giving, here are a few ideas:

  • participate in a charity activity with your family
  • spend time with a dear friend that you haven’t seen in a long time
  • send Christmas cards to those who live far away
  • prepare a Christmas breakfast for your parents/siblings/grandparents
  • donate to charity
  • help your neighbour shovel snow
  • make DIY crafts for your friends
  • bake holiday cookies for giveaways

If these ideas aren’t enough, here’s a short stop-motion animation made by “Kirsten Lepore” about the importance of giving:

Do you have other gift giving ideas that you would like to share? Leave a comment below or view or requested posts for this month and submit an article. Happy holidays!

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