How to Plan a Photography Exhibit


After looking at the countless film photographs that you have accumulated over the years, don’t you think it’s time for you to show your photos to other people? Well, you can do so through an exhibit!

Planning stage
The first thing that you have to do is plan for your exhibit and set a budget. This is important so that you have an overview of the things that you need and set the right amount for your budget. You can make a list and then put an estimation of how much each item on the list will cost. If you have other friends who are into photography too, you can showcase their works too and maybe ask help from them to set up the exhibit.

Find a location
The next step is to find a location where you will hold your exhibit. When scouting for a location, consider how many people you expect to show up and also check the space if it is adequate enough for you to display your photos. Take notes if you have to. If you will be serving snacks and drinks, make sure that the venue does not prohibit food and drinks.

Set the theme
This is probably one of the difficult parts of planning. Setting a theme is important so that you have cohesiveness. Take a look at the photos that you want to show and see their common elements. This will help you come up with a theme. Ask input from other participants as well.

It is also important to label the photos accordingly. Frame your photos and put captions (year image was taken, contact information and pricing if you are selling your photos).

Advertise the exhibit and let your friends and family know the time, venue and date of the event. You can market the exhibit by sending e-mails, posting on your blog and using social networks. This will also give you a pretty good idea on how many people are going to attend the exhibit.

A few days before the exhibit date, make sure that you double-check all the things that you need. Make a checklist to see if you already have all the things that you need.

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  1. 20031991
    20031991 ·

    After reading this article, I felt the urge to plan an exhibition dedicating/promoting lomography (particularly to the movement of snapshot aesthetics). Only problem(s) are the that lack of substantial space (high rental charge) and collaborating with artists that are really serious about exhibiting their works.

  2. thexmedicxandroid
    thexmedicxandroid ·

    ^ right?

  3. zlanemerennah
    zlanemerennah ·

    Me and my friend are planin to showcase some of our fotos in friendly venues in Odessa, Ukraine. thanks for good post it really helped. Problem is that this venues are not allowing us to stage lomowall there and i was truly out of ideas on presentation. do you have more tips or furthe experience in exhibiting lomograohs as single pictures?

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